Protecting Your Children Online Early

Many apps feature certain monitoring or blocking features to prevent kids from finding inappropriate and explicit content, but certain apps allow kids to get around parental filters and blocking features. One of the most common apps used is for monitoring or blocking explicit content but web browsers within certain social media apps can easily navigate around the explicit content.

The popular social media app, Snapchat, is one of the apps that has its own private web browser within the app that can bypass filtering and blocking parental control apps. Snapchat is rated 12+ in the AppStore but this is for the content they feature but users can access links for the Snapchat web browser when following a link from their featured ‘Stories’ main page.

90% of Snapchat users are 13-24 years old according to

Once you’re in the Snapchat web browser, you can navigate to explicit websites through the URL bar and it isn’t detected by parental control apps. It’s so easy there are online tutorial videos on how to navigate through Snapchat that is easily accessible.

One of the recommended measures is to limit your child’s access to social media and install a parental safety web browser, such as SPIN Safe Browser that will block and filter explicit content. The only way to truly ensure the safety of your child is to monitor all their online activity including their social media accounts. It’s highly recommended you learn about the setting so you can access their activity log and history.

For more on protecting your child online and news updates, check out the video above.

Author: Leigha Grimes

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