Don’t Skip Cardio

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Alright, you are not the only person in the world who hates cardio exercises. It is tiring and takes a lot of energy. Running and other cardio exercises in general are difficult to begin, because let’s face it you need to be in shape to start. That being said, it is really important that you implement cardiovascular exercises for a number of reasons.

1. Your Heart
It is right there in the name, cardio! Cardio exercises help with heart health. In the moment, it might feel as though you’re going to have a heart attack, but don’t fret. That is just your heart getting a much needed work out to. It is important that you ease your way into cardio exercises, let your body tell you where your limits are.

2. Your Stomach
Visceral stomach fat is one of the most dangerous forms of fat you can have on your body. It is typically an indicator of poor organ health, lack of blood flow, and clogged arteries. Cardiovascular exercises can drastically help you lose that stomach fat that is so dangerous. Maybe you just want to tone up the tummy? Running and cardio is the best way to rid of that little pooch.

3.Your Brain
Running and cardio exercises help to create endorphins, and if you keep at it, can majorly boost serotonin. These are the “happy” hormones. There is a reason you typically feel so great after you work out. Not only are you feeling good about the fact that you got through your exercises, but your body is literally creating hormones that make you feel happy and stay happy!

Author: Anastasia Smith

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