Get Over A Crush With These Pointers

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Having a crush can lead to new-found love, or results in unrequited love. Getting over a crush can be hard, but these pointers can help you get over your crush.

Unfollowing them on social media can help you to think of them less and is less likely for them to pop up on your feed. This will also help you to think about them less and focus on your friends more.

If your crush lives near you or you see them out a lot, think of ways to avoid seeing them. This will give you the opportunity to find new places to go and can help you meet someone new.

Speaking of finding someone new, one tip is to be social without romantic expectations. If you’re more forward with your expectations then you’re less likely to wind up in an unfulfilling romantic relationship.

Another tip is to take a new workout class to change things up and bring possibilities to meeting new people.

One of the best ways to work out how you feel is to write down what you’re thinking with a journal. This can help identify what you want for you’re next relationship and keep your expectations level.

Making time for yourself can also help you reflect and remind yourself that these feelings will pass. Taking the time to reflect is important to be honest about what you’re looking for.

Getting over a crush can seem hard but is can be a positive with finding someone else.

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