Is Hummus As Healthy As People Say?

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Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that hummus also makes it on the approved list of foods that should be eaten. However, the Mediterranean dish may not be as healthy as you think.

Made up by its main ingredient, chickpea, hummus is perfect for plant-based and gluten-free eaters. Just one cup of chickpeas offers 10 grams of protein and about 10 grams of dietary fiber. However, despite the health benefits of chickpeas, the healthiness all depends on how the spread is made.

Traditionally, a healthy hummus snack will include pureed chickpeas combined with ingredients, like olive oil, garlic, tahini, and lemon. For those who aren’t able to make their own and instead choose to buy bought hummus one should be careful about specific brands.

If you are limited on time and have to resort to buying pre-made hummus, buy brands made with extra virgin olive oil as opposed to inflammatory oils, like soybean oil. Hummus that contain preservatives, like potassium sorbate, should also be avoided.

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If you’re snacking on the delicious food, eat it with fresh, raw veggies instead of chips or crackers that the hummus can sometimes come with. Enjoying it as a creamy salad dressing or a mayo alternative in tuna or chicken salads can also be just as healthy.

See why hummus isn’t always as healthy as you think in the video above.

Author: Brittany Jones

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