Jacob & Co. Unveils Face Mask With Over 3,000 Diamonds

(Photo: Jacob & Co.)

Bella Breakdown

Jacob & Co. is known for its extravagant watches featuring precious gemstones, but now is making headlines for creating the world’s most precious face mask that features 3,040 diamonds. Revolutionary jewelry designer, Jacob Arado, worked with his team of gem-setting and precious metal craftsmen to create the precious face mask.

The face mask is made of a white gold mesh rib that gives the effect of fabric and provides a setting for the diamonds. Jacob & Co. was inspired by the pattern of a medical-grade mask and can be worn over a traditional face mask.

They have yet to disclose a price but customers need to inquire at any Jacob & Co. point of sale or contact the brand directly. One thing is promised, this face mask represents luxury at its finest.

Author: Karli Wallace

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