Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Talk Wedding Details

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Engaged-couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom shared some unusually intimate photos of their most recent trip to Egypt to celebrate Perry’s 35th birthday. The couple, who stays largely out of the news and tends to keep their relationship more private, got engaged on Valentine’s day this past year but seem to have no immediate plans at finalizing wedding details.

In an interview with People, Perry explains their relationship and the intentionality behind their pacing. The two have been on-and-off since 2016 and each has been engaged or married before, so they don’t plan to take this commitment lightly.

“I think we’re really doing the hard work of laying a beautiful foundation before we start to build a monster house,” Perry said, metaphorically referring to the emotional vulnerability of a serious relationship.

Bloom has also touched on the strength of trust in their relationship and has explained a similar mindset in regards to their future timeline. As each star is immersed in careers demanding frequent travel and long periods of time apart, Bloom explained the value in building deep-rooted trust for any relationship to work.

While the couple isn’t rushing to run down the aisle, the time they are taking to ensure a healthy and committed relationship is an even stronger testament to their love.

Author: Jessica Ralph

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