Lush Products You’ll Want To Buy Again After Trying

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Lush might have started out with some bath bombs but they’ve expanded to create a beauty range of products including skincare, makeup, and more. We reveal some of the best Lush products that you’ll want to buy again after the first try.

Toothpaste Jelly
This might sound like a strange product but Lush offers unique flavors that smell as delicious as they taste. This limited edition product is so popular it’s hard to keep in stock online but can be found in-store with flavors including Strawberries and Clean, Megawatt Smile, White Fang, Plaque Sabbath, and Blue Tooth. My personal favorite is Blue Tooth with eucalyptus and lemongrass oil that smells amazing.

Toothy Tabs
Lush also offers a great toothpaste alternative that is travel-friendly with minimal packaging is the Toothy Tabs. These toothpaste tabs look like small pieces of candy that are in-fact toothpaste in a small tab that is activated when chewed.

Lush offers a variety of flavors including Dirty, Gin & Tonic, Boom, Miles of Smiles, Creme De Menthe, Limelight, Toothy Fruity, Spritz, and Zing! All the flavors are unique but the Limelight flavor is quite unique with a blend of lemon, lime, and spearmint oil as well as baobab fruit powder that makes the toothpaste fizzy.

Toner Tab
Everyone enjoys a nice steam facial and Lush provides the perfect product for a home facial steam. The Tea Tree Toner Tab has natural ingredients to help improve the completion including organic aloe vera powder and tea tree oil. Simply drop the toner tab into hot water and let your skin soak in the enriched steam.

Toner Spray
If you’re a fan of using toner in your skincare routine, you might want to check out the toner sprays offered by Lush. The Lush Toner comes in a variety of scents that incorporate natural ingredients including Tea Tree Water, Breath Of Fresh Air, and Eau Roma Water.

The Tea Tree Toner has a relaxing scent and is great for all skin types that will help refine pores with a refreshing mist of tea tree, grapefruit, and juniper waters. This toner spray is also alcohol-free to prevent skin from feeling dry or tight.

Holiday Exclusives
Lush loves the holidays with holiday collections for Halloween and Christmas that are available now. Lush creates new holiday exclusives every year including exclusive seasonal scents and products.

If you really like something from the holiday collections I recommend getting them before they run out of stock but if you can save on these exclusives if you have a little patience. Lush hosts its only sale event of the year on the day after Christmas (December 26, Boxing Day) and all the holiday products will be on clearance.

Author: Karli Wallace

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