Pumpkin Whoopie Pies To Get You Feeling Festive

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Bella Breakdown

When I think of fall, what first comes to mind is the delicious food. Leaves changing and cool nights come second to the thought of comfort food. And nothing says fall quite like sweet treats and delectable desserts.

Pumpkin is the flavor of the season. Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin bread, and now pumpkin whoopie pies. For those of you who don’t know, a “whoopie pie” is vanilla creme sandwiched between two cookie or cake pieces.

The dessert is believed to be originally from Dutch Country Pennsylvania but has since been morphed and perfected by others from around the nation. This easy recipe will put you in the mood of the season and tickle your sweet tooth at the same time.

For this recipe, you are going to start out by making pumpkin spice cookies. The secret ingredient here is pumpkin spice seasoning. For a slight twist on the recipe, you can use apple spice to make a fall harvest apple whoopie pie.

After you bake the cookies, your next step is to make the cream cheese icing thats going to fill the middle. You can buy it pre-made at the store, but it’s easy to make on your own and tastes so much better!

Author: Taylor Basilio

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