Strange New Oreo Flavors

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We all know Oreos as milk’s favorite cookie. We’d all pretty much eat the filling out first, and out of obligation finish the actual cookie part. We have had a relationship with Oreos since we were kids. However, you might have noticed that over the years, Oreo has been trying to keep it fresh. We get it, Oreo, you feel obligated to keep up with the times!

Oreo has come out with flavors that might have made you question whether or not anyone was actually eating them. And these two new flavors are no exception to the question. Oreo has presented its new flavors; Wasabi and Chicken wing Oreos. We aren’t exactly sure how to feel about them.

Now, if you are excited to try these new flavors and you live in the United States, you might have to wait for these flavors to make their way over from China. Or, who knows, you can probably order them online? However, the parent company Nabisco does say that these flavors are en route to hit shelves in the United States soon.

Oh, Oreo, why must you deviate from your natural beauty? We stuck by you with the double stuff, the inside-out, the red velvet, the peanut butter, the lemon, the fireworks, even spicy hot cinnamon. But Oreo, I’m not sure we can stand by you with these new flavors. Or maybe, that’s just me.

Author: Haley DePass

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