Tan France Dresses Comedians In New Netflix Show

(Photo Credit: Netflix)

Bella Breakdown

Queer Eye’s resident stylist Tan France is getting the chance to use his fashion powers to help more than the lost causes he’s used to.

In the new Netflix web series Dressing Funny, the styling guru will be helping out a gang of comedians while also bringing the funny. The series will air exclusively on Netflix’s YouTube channel Netflix Is A Joke and will feature Ali Wong, Tina Fey and more.

While France is used to helping those who don’t seem to have any fashion sense, these celebs at least have access to great looks. They just need some extra guidance, which is where France comes in.

“Will we laugh a lot? Yes. Will I teach a woman about vaginal rejuvenation? Yes. Will I lay with another man? Yes,” he says in the series’ promo. If you’re a Queer Eye fan, there’s no need to worry because France will be back to join the rest of the makeover crew for its fourth season July 19.

The stylist will also be seen in a new fashion competition alongside Alexa Chung. The Netflix series Next in Fashion will comprise of 10 episodes and star Elizabeth Stewart, celebrity stylist, and Eva Chen, fashion director at Instagram, in guest judge roles.

Author: B.J. Mims

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