These Women Want You to Know That Having a C-Section Doesn’t Mean You Failed at Giving Birth

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Trust us, there’s no “right” way to give birth. Many women who give birth via C-section feel that they have failed in some way because they did not have the full experience of giving birth.

Many words that women use to describe their feelings post C-section are ashamed, let down and disappointed. Some people feel there are bragging rights for describing how many hours you’re in labor, how many hours you pushed for and how it all happened.

However, there are no prizes for being a superwoman in the delivery room. All that matters is that you have a healthy baby as a result. You are no less of a woman or a mother if you have a C-section. At the end of the day, all you can do is the best for your child. The raw power of becoming a mom is so much more than what your labor experience was.

When you hold your child in your arms, nothing else matters.

Author: Kristen Farley

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