Traditional Yoga Gets A Steamy Twist

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Yoga, which was originally conceived in deep Hindu roots with the purpose of achieving Nirvana, is now one of the most popular full-body exercises that has everyone trying it. It tests balance, strength, limitation, and self-control all in one form. More people are turning the heat up on this classic exercise with this new twist: hot yoga.

People are deciding the best environment to practice their poses are in humid rooms, sweating out all the negative energy they have built up. There’s actual, scientific benefits to doing yoga in the heat too. Not only does it strengthen your heart by acclimating you to new conditions, the sweat produced can help clean your bloodstream and detoxify your body. After a long routine, your metabolism and immune system will be strengthened while your mind simultaneously relaxes.

Infrared beams or hot air blowers slowly heat up the yoga studio, creating an environment that intensifies your workout. Some rooms can exceed over 100 degrees but the key is to maintain focus on the breathing and balance, rather than the rising heat. By slowly increasing the temperature, instructors can actually guide their yoga students to minimize any temporary discomfort, so they focus on themselves.

Overall, hot yoga creates a boost to your workout and if you’re a yoga fanatic, it’s worth giving a shot. That extra sweat could be really good for your health.

Author: Josh Harlow

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