Travel Safely With Your Pets During Your Next Trip

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With all of the travel of the summer and fall seasons, traveling with your pet can be concerning. Here are a few tips to help make traveling with your furry friend as easy and safe as possible.

If your pet is truly a member of the family, you would never want to leave them at home or in some boarding house. But traveling with a pet is challenging to say the least. But it doesn’t have to be.

If you plan on putting your pet in some sort of cage or kennel for the journey, make sure that you introduce them early and often so that the first time they see it, it isn’t during your trip from Boston to Los Angeles. Place their favorite bed or toys in the crate to help ease the transition and make them feel at home. It is important to remember to slowly increase the time spent in the cage to build-up to the time of the full trip you will be taking.

Something that is often overlooked when traveling with pets is motion sickness. You don’t want to realize that your pet gets motion sickness when you have already begun your trip. Take the same approach as the crate or kennel and take your pet on multiple short trips to see how he will respond prior to your vacation.

Author: Tom Jacobs

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