Whole Foods Selling Limited Edition Cheese To Honor The Royal Baby

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With the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s child almost here the Royals are making sure everything is in order for the arrival. While Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex prepare for their child’s arrival Whole Foods is preparing the arrival of their new “Royal Addition” line of cheese.

According to food website Delish, the grocery store chain plans to release the limited-edition cheese to honor the new royal baby. This unique cheese was made in Southwest England and is described as having “slight pleasant tanginess and a creamy texture, with flavor notes of burnt caramel and a slightly sweet and nutty finish, to create a world-class taste, worthy of royalty.”

The cheese, also known as Westminster Royal Mark red cheddar cheese, was chosen by Whole Foods due to its popularity in both the U.S. and the U.K. “This rustic English cheese embodies the cultures of both the Duke and Duchess — just like the royal baby!”

The debut of the royal cheese is based on the timing to the birth and will be found in select Whole Food locations for a price between $10-$13 per pound. With an expected birth by late April or early May, this cheese will be here any day now.

See the royal cheese and learn more about the arrival of the royal baby with the video above.

Author: Brittany Jones

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