4 Ways To Update Your Sad, Old Couch

Bella Breakdown

We love renovating and making our old things look new! These tips help make renovating simple, fun, and easy. Check out these awesome tips:

Clever Tip: How To Cover Your Dingy Vintage Sofa
Is your sofa sad, sicky, and stained? Don’t hate….renovate! Renovating can be fun and easy it doesn’t always have to be a fight or take 12 hours to do.

Clever Tip: Tailored Retro
A scrap of fabric can cover dungy cushions.

Clever Tip: Bohemian Pattern Mixing
Mix textures and don’t stress about clashing patterns!

Clever Tip: Belgian Minimalist
Buy a canvas drop cloth from the hardware store and soften it in the wash.

Clever Tip: All-Out Color
Turn your sofa into a two-tone masterpiece with a throw and pillows in a rich accent color.

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