Kim Kardashian West On Saying “No”

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While everyone has felt the power of saying “no” from time to time, the stakes are usually quite low. Like saying no to some weekend plans in exchange for the chance to lounge on the couch and binge-watch New Girl or actually telling your hairdresser that you don’t want to go shorter with the cut.

Yes, saying no can be exhilarating and can result in a payoff far more valuable than money. Unless of course, you’re Kim Kardashian West saying “no” to a campaign partnership and being rewarded with one million dollars and joint ownership of a major fashion empire.

Celebrities and influencers are approached daily by brands hoping to agree on terms for promoted content. With free merchandise and a hefty paycheck on the table, the average person may have a hard time saying no to such agreements, even if it’s with a company they wouldn’t personally endorse.

But when your personal brand is the foundation of how you became a billionaire (among other NSFW things), saying no to partnerships is everything. Kim Kardashian West recently discussed saying no to a deal with an unnamed fast-fashion label who is known for ripping of Kim, Kylie, and Khloe’s signature looks and recreating them as cheap apparel.

The contract offered Kim one million dollars in exchange for one Instagram post. In a moment of odd clarity, Kanye West urged Kim not to take the deal as it would jeopardize her brand and give satisfaction to a company that “copies everything”. She agreed with her husband and rejected the partnership with the unknown fast-fashion brand (anyone else thinking it’s Pretty Little Thing? Sounds pretty on par).

A few weeks later that “no” got quite a big reward. For Mother’s Day, Kanye gifted Kim a check for one million dollars and a contract for her to become part-owner of his brand Yeezy. The media mogul has been involved in the brand for years and is now co-owner with her husband.

Author: Bailey Peters

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