Food And Wine Pairing For Pinot Noir

Wine Pairing

If you enjoy wine, pour yourself a glass of one of Kim Crawford’s favorites. Every wine has great pairings with different foods and flavors. Here’s a couple you might not have known about.

Pinot Noir is one of the most well-known red wines. It has a reputation for pairing with fancy meats like duck and fibrous veggies like mushrooms, but there’s a little more depth to this complex flavor than you may have heard. For instance, did you know Pinot Noir goes great with fish? Blasphemous, I know.

Fish is the territory of white wine. But it’s true; while lighter fish dishes like oysters would be overwhelmed, heavier fish like tuna, trout, and salmon can match wits with Pinot Noir like champions, especially if they’re smoked.

Speaking of smoking, here’s another curve ball for you: Pinot Noir goes great with barbecue! It might seem weird pairing a fancy wine with heavy soul food, but remember, professional barbecue chefs take special care in the kind of wood and charcoal they use. The best materials are selected to transfer the zesty, earthy flavors. You know what else has a deep earthy flavor? Red wine. Have a glass of Pinot Noir with barbecued pork and taste that down-home goodness.

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