How Ayurveda Changed This Model’s Life

Build Celebrity Interviews

This lineup of celebrity interviews by Build, live from London, is jam packed with emotion, laughs and knowledge. Pretty solid lineup! We hear about singer Marine McCutcheon’s emergence back into the music world after a 15 year break. She gives credit to her husband, who is also in the music industry as a Producer, for helping her to find her love for music again. She says when she finally started doing it for her again, she fell back in love. Her new album, “Lost and Found,” was never intended to be released to the public, but we are glad it is!

Another powerful interview was with model Jasmine Hemsley. We are all about healthy food options, and her love for an Ayurvedic lifestyle is an inspiration. She reminds us how much we all loved our grandparents cooking, with real foods and no margarine or additives. Her conviction for this 5,000-year-old philosophy is contagious, and even inspired her to write her own cookbook.

After writing her cookbook, “East By West,” Hemsley wants others to see the incredible changes that can happen when one adopts this refreshing lifestyle. Not only does she sleep better, but has much more energy throughout the day. The 37-year-old says she first heard about Ayurveda when she started taking yoga in 2000, and passed it off at the time, but has since found her way back to it after learning a little bit more about it.

Jasmine and her sister, Melissa, even have their own website dedicated to healthy foods: Hemsley+Hemsley. The two sisters even have their own cookbook, too! The site is packed with healthy and tasty recipes for those looking to eat clean. The English model has really has her spoon in everything. It makes us wonder, what doesn’t Jasmine do?

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