Jhené Aiko Loves Road Trips By Herself

A Peaceful Road Trip With Jhené Aiko

The 29-year-old singer and songwriter shares her excitement for her upcoming projects while sitting down with her sister, Miyoko. The two chat about family, music and road trips in this collaboration ad for Billboard and Ford. Her next project, which she refers to as “the map,” is what she is most excited to reveal to her fans. She teases this upcoming release while chatting with Miyoko at their grandmother’s house.

While heading to the studio with her sister, Aiko recalls her first road trip she took alone and how it had a big impact on her. It was a coming of age moment for the California native, and she was finally able to be honest with herself about her career and her new projects.

“I just felt so at peace. I was in the car talking to myself, singing to myself…it was the first time I could be super honest with myself.”

This intimate look into Aiko’s life makes us excited for, “the map,” and of course makes us all want a cute white Ford Fusion to take road trips in!

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