New York’s Top Lumber Man is a Former Soap Opera Star

From actor to lumber man, Forbes March took a path opposite of most. Instead of having a dream to become a star but stuck in a lumber yard, this soap opera actor was an actor dreaming of becoming a lumber man.

“I was hired and fired from every soap in New York City at one point,” March says of his days as a soap star.

He is now a lumber dealer and delivers to restaurants, residents and whomever needs firewood in the New York area. The former “One Life To Live” bad boy still sometimes asks himself, “what are you doing?” But he is soon reminded that the beauty of nature, along with the company of some good friends, is all you could ever ask for.

“You can’t see the sky in Manhattan like you can here,” March says.

The lumber man who once presented at the Emmy’s now finds himself with a team of around 12 guys, cutting and delivering wood and owning his own profitable company. I guess it goes to show you, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy!

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