Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Is The Perfect Gift To Add To Your Wish List This Year


Holiday time has to be one of my absolute favorite times of the year! It’s the time of year to hang out with family and friends and if you have a big family like I do you know that your Christmas list of people to get for looks like a laundry list of things you forgot to do all year….the list just keeps growing longer and longer. It can be hard to find a special gift for every single person, but there is one gift I want to share with you that everyone will enjoy and is a must to add to not only your wish list, but your families as well….it’s the ‘Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager’ by Triducna!

What’s In The Box

When I fist got this in the mail I was super excited to open it and test it out. In the box you can find product model KTP-82202F, a power adapter, a car adapter, and a user manual. To set up be sure the power adapter is connected to the massager. It’s also super important to read the manual before use.


I loved this product so much the second I started using it. One of my absolute favorite features has to be the 12 rolling massage nodes that can be used in multiple places of your full body massager, neck massager, shoulder massager, back massager, buttocks massager and thigh massager, which will give you a wonderful shiatsu massaging experience without the expensive cost.

I workout a lot and my back is in constant pain and the 12 rolling massage nodes are a life saver especially after a long day. 4 shiatsu massage nodes care for your neck well and the 8 deep-kneading massage nodes to soothe the tension of your back, which can be adjusted up and down so that you can choose to massage your upper & lower and even fullback. You can enjoy the various massage options and through the remote this controls independently 3 separate areas. Adjust the direction and position for a neck massage that suits you best, choose 8 moving shiatsu nodes to pinpoint a specific spot or massage your entire back. I like to use both of these features, but full back is my absolute favorite.

Another one of my favorite features is the heat function and over heat protection. The built-in infrared heating function can be more effective to relieve muscles fatigue, which is optional and set by yourself. Equipped with 15-minute auto shut-off system and overheat protection device, it brings you no worries about the safety. I would never order a massager without heat function. This function is really important for your muscles to work them deep.

My Results

I have to say since I have been using this product my pain is much more manageable which is extremely important for me during the busiest time of the year. I can finally be at ease at the end of the day and even throughout the day as I tend to bring my massager to my office with me (by the way you can even bring it in your car as well)! I highly recommend this product to all of you beautiful Bellas. It’s the perfect addition to not only your life, but your families as well.

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