The Keys to Living a Seamlessly Authentic Life

The Power of Living Authentically

monicapotterauthenticActress Monica Potter is the perfect example of a woman who embraces her passions and uses them to help her find the most authentic version of herself.

While most of us may know her from her roles in tv shows and films like Parenthood and Patch Adams, Monica is so much more than simply an actress. She is a creator, mother, and businesswoman with a clear vision of what she wants for herself, her family and her company.

As a creator, Monica is all about producing the most authentic products for her home decor shop Monica Potter Home. Her store features items that speak to her soul and resembles who she is as a person. Her goal is to create things that bring joy and warmth into her customer’s homes and hearts.

As a mother, Monica blends old traditions with new to give her family a sense of pride in where they come from and a sense of excitement about where they are going in life. She loves being able to share her inspiration with her daughter in the hopes that it will help her to find her own passions in life.

For Monica, her seamlessly authentic self is warm, simple, hard working and dedicated to giving back to her community and family.

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