An Exclusive Italian Island You Have To Apply For

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We all know that celebrities are vacationing a lot better than us normal folk. They are always out at some obscure island, that you have probably never heard of.

Italy has one island that you might have heard of as a child: the island of Monte Cristo. The exclusivity of this island is so intense, that you know people are vying to get a peak at this Italian island.

The island of Monte Cristo only has four people leaving on it, and there are only two times a year that people are allowed to visit the island. Unless you have granted access to visit the island, transit is not allowed within one kilometer of the shore.

Only 1000 visitors are allowed access after filling out an application. Typically those granted access are scientific teams and people on school field trips. The window for one of the visits is opening from August 31st to October 31st.

However, even if you have filled out an application to visit this exclusive island, you might have to wait years for a response. The reason for the exclusivity is to preserve the islands untouched environment.

Environmentalists want to preserve the island, which is why there is no transit allowed on or near the island. So if it’s worth the wait, sign up to visit the island today… because it might be a while.

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