Christina Aguilera Honored With Ally For Equality Award

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Christina Aguilera’s infamous 2002 hit, “Beautiful,” was her first big bang in the LGBTQ community. The music video showcases various people who are fighting to be themselves in spite of societal pressures, including those who are gay, lesbian, and transgender.

At the end of the video, each person looks at him, her, or themself in the mirror with confidence and smiles, demonstrating that they know they are beautiful. The words “You are beautiful, no matter what they say,” were Aguilera’s first battle in a long fight to support LGBTQ people all over the world.

Now, she is being honored by the Human Rights Campaign with the Ally for Equality Award. HRC president Chad Griffin states, “Christina Aguilera is a living legend and a true LGBTQ icon who consistently uses her global superstar platform to share a message of hope and inspiration to those who have been marginalized simply because of who they are. Through her powerful music and her tireless efforts for positive change, she is making a real difference in the lives of countless people while bringing greater visibility to the LGBTQ community. HRC is proud to honor Christina Aguilera with the HRC Ally for Equality Award at the 2019 HRC Los Angeles Dinner.”

Aguilera was never someone to take the power of her name for granted. She has used her fame to speak about HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ bullying, and marriage equality. Her beautiful voice and strong presence mean a lot to the LGBTQ community, and she acts as a representative of love and acceptance that should be admired by all.

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