Connected S1:E17 | Tray Tables Up for Landing

Bella Breakdown

It feels like it’s been eons since we last checked in on our favorite Connected peeps! With newly weds, newborns and newbies there’s plenty to get caught up. We can’t wait to hear how Nina and Stefano’s little one is doing, and see what shenanigans newly single Jonathan’s been getting up to.

traytablesupforlanding1Speaking of polyamorous relationships, Jonathan’s been busy and might have met his match in a fellow New Yorker who’s been exploring the possibilities of an open relationship for years. Fresh from his breakup with Susan, he hits the beach in Miami with a perfect stranger he met the night before.

traytablesupforlanding2Nina and Stefano’s bundle of joy is looking sooooooo cute! We’re not surprise by how adorable their little boy is, but what did surprise us was Stefano’s reaction to fatherhood. He’s liking it a lot – maybe too much – and he’s ready for more. What better time for his wife to finally get to know his family? Nina’s headed to Miami too!

traytablesupforlanding3Eli and Ido’s dreams are finally coming true, they’ve moved to America, got married, had not one beautiful daughter but two, one of whom got accepted into one of the most prestigious private academies in the city. Now it’s time to take some time back for themselves and rediscover that spark that hatched their dream in the first place. Time for a family vacation!

With practically all the Connected cast in the tropics, it looks like they just might have found paradise. See how Nina’s girls only trip goes with Stefano’s mother and sister, and find out what happens in Miami with Jonathan and his polyamorous amor in this episode of Connected.

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