Consider A Home-Exchange For Your Next Vacation

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Looking for a vacation in an amazing location without breaking the bank? Consider a home-exchange. All you have to is pay a small membership fee and be willing to give up your home for a period of time to fellow travelers. There are so many benefits to a home-exchange vacation. It is free (hooray), your plants and pets will be accounted for, you don’t have to worry about the protection of your home.

Here are a few home-exchange websites that will help you plan your home-exchange experience…

Home Base Holidays. This is a great international home swap website. Memberships are only about $59 per year.
Home Exchange. This website has 150 countries you can choose from and costs about $150 per year.
Knok. You can actually join this website for free and pay $99 when you confirm your first home exchange. Or you can pay $29 as a new time member.

Use home exchange to travel the world for free!

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