Do You Have A Food Phobia?

Bella Breakdown

As a child you might have absolutely hated certain foods. No kid loves the flavor of broccoli or lima beans. But we might have gotten out of eating them if we truly had a food phobia. That’s right, there are certain phobias that are triggered by things related to food.

1. Deipnophobia
This is the fear of dining out, or having dinner conversations with people. Those who suffer from this fear usually like dining alone and in silence.

2. Oenophobia
This is the phobia of having to choose a wine for a gathering. It’s similar to individuals with social anxiety, however it is specifically related to this task.

3. Lachanophobia
Now, this is the fear you might have wish for as a child. It is the fear of vegetables. Just the site of veggies makes these individuals want to throw up. Individuals with this phobia often suffer from a lack of a balanced diet, and likely have to trick themselves into eating veggies.

4. Mageirocophobia
This is the fear of cooking altogether. This anxiety comes from not wanting to create a terrible meal, nonetheless serve it to a group of people. Just the idea of having to cook can greatly upset these individuals.

5. Xocolatophobia
This is the fear of chocolate. I’m scared to ever obtain this particular phobia. Individuals with this phobia find chocolate repulsive, and feel they need to wash themselves for having had touched it at all.

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