Do You Have A Jealous Partner?

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Feelings of jealousy, not even in relationships, but just life in general are totally common. How you decide to act on those feelings though, is a totally different story. In life, you can use jealousy to fuel your career and put you ahead. However, fueled jealousy in a relationship has the potential to be really damaging. Jealous partners can come off as controlling, paranoid, and needy.

We run into a large problem today with social media and smart phones. Jealous people are likely to snoop through through their partner’s phone, and get caught down a rabbit hole while going through their partners different social media pages. Having a jealous partner can be draining and can greatly effect the way you act within the relationship. It is important to remember that overly jealous behavior is not an indicator that someone just loves you a lot.

No, it’s an indicator that you have a jealous partner who is displaying toxic behavior. Jealous people can attempt to control your actions with their fits of rages, or emotional displays. They can try to control what you wear out, or whether or not you hang out with their friends. If you are out, they might call or text you repeatedly if you’re not answering quickly.

If you are jealous, it’s important to recognize this about yourself. However, you need to know that it is your behavior that needs to be controlled, not your partners. It’s okay to discuss what you don’t like, but you need to do so within reason. Jealousy is typically an indicator of insecurity, so managing the things that make you feel insecure is a great way to start managing your jealous behavior.

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