How Millennials Are Changing Marriage

Bella Breakdown

Millennials seem to get flack for pretty much everything we do, and that is probably because we are doing things differently than the generations before us. Millennials are changing not only the housing market, education, social interaction, and dating, but now the wedding business as well.

Millennials have been changing up a lot when it comes to marriage and the wedding scene in general. Rather than renting out the typical churches and reception halls, this generation have been taking locations into their own hands. They have popularized weddings at vineyards, renovated barns, forests, and pretty much anywhere that lends an amazing background for pictures.

Millennials have also changed up decorations, doing a lot of them themselves. DIY takes on a new life when it is wedding season for a millennial couple. A lot of people are also straying away from classic catered dinners and going with creative taco buffets. Many people aren’t doing the classic cakes, and instead going for cute cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and other awesome desserts that go perfectly with their chosen color themes.

Millennials tend to focus on the creative aesthetics of their preference, and less on going with the classic wedding vibes that have been set by the generations ahead of them.

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