8 Ideas For Valentine’s Day That Won’t Blow The Bank

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Ahhh, it’s that time of year…the season of love! It’s also a pretty tough time to be single…(or perhaps you’re happy to be saving the money)! Either way, we want to make sure you enjoy your sweetie to the fullest this year and also remind you that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a ton of fun this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re a new couple and are looking for something fun to spark some love, or maybe you’ve been together for the long haul and need something to shake it up!

Here are some great ideas for your Valentine’s Day date night/day:
1. Breakfast in bed: Everyone loves being pampered the moment they wake up in the morning! Treat your love to a delicious breakfast in bed. Easy, simple, and your Valentine’s Day duties are done first thing in the morning.
2. Find a festival: Find a fun festival or outdoor outing to change up the mood. Dinner is always great, but live music and outdoor venues are also fun and romantic.
3. Double date: Invite your favorite friend couple along with you and your partner to add some spice and keep the conversations fun and light hearted.
4. Cook together: Not only a partner bonding experience, but probably something the two of you rarely get to do. It’s also a great way to avoid all of the crowds!
5. Wine tasting: Because who doesn’t love some good wine with the one they love?
6. Adopt a pet: Hint hint….here’s your chance to finally get that puppy or kitten you’ve been wanting!
7. Netflix and chill: This is the best fallback plan to anything…a great chance to relax and kick your feet up with your significant other.
8. Take a hike: Breathe in the beautiful outdoors and have some much needed time away from your phones.

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