Millennials Don’t Do Divorce

Bella Breakdown

Who knew an entire generation that is relatively dependent on meeting their future spouse on a dating app where you swipe on a picture, would be the generation that is actually lowering the divorce rate? Sorry Baby Boomers and Gen Xers… we can’t help that we sort of dominate in the love department. Divorce rates have dropped by almost 20 percent. So what is it that makes millennials more successful in marriage than the generations before them?

Well, it is mainly the fact that millennials are waiting until they are older to get married. They are also a more educated generation. Marriage now is a symbol that a couple has achieved the financial means to do so, rather than getting married regardless of having money.

Another part of it could be that we are using things like dating apps more frequently. Rather than meeting someone and dating them simply because they’re in our day to day, such as at work, at a bar you frequent, a friend of a friend, etc.. we are meeting our potential mates based off of, of course attraction, but also just general interest. We are also weeding through the bad much faster with the help of apps as well.

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