Pies Better Than Grandma’s!

Bella Breakdown

When someone asks you if you prefer cake over pie, and you say pie, than you might want to visit this restaurant. They serve some of the most delicious pies in the United States, you can always tell if they show up on TV. Jonathan Dye is the owner of Mr. Dye’s Pies in Milwaukee, WI and learned how to make pies from, you guessed it, his grandma. She told him that if you care about the people you get the food right, and this little pie shop sure has.

They make pies that are delicious, and have become an absolute commodity in their community. Jonathan definitely makes his business a family and community based place. They make amazing flavors such as cherry brandy, sweet potato, and pecan pie.

Jonathan says that his grandma never kicked him out of the kitchen when he was younger, therefore he has developed a love for baking and a total talent for it. The pie shop has been open for seven years now, and is doing extremely well. This is definitely one of those places you would hop on a plane for. All pie ingredients are fresh, and taken care of by hand. The pie crust is always homemade, and the staff is sure to never cheat you of the finest ingredients.

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