Royal Wedding Cake Slices For Auction

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If you missed your invitation to the past royal weddings, now you can relive the magical moment with a slice of royal wedding cake.

The pieces of royal wedding cake we’re saved by guests and are now going for auction, with commemorative cases and official wedding invitations. The cake slices are from the past 50 years of royal weddings.

The auction will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 23rd with an online auction option. With the expected anticipation for the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, the slices of cake may be higher in value for auction.

The oldest slice is 45 years old from the wedding of Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. The expected value is £367 or $500. It comes in a monogrammed box with a ‘best wishes’ note

The most expensive slice is from the royal wedding in 1981 of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. This slice is expected for £800 or $1,200 at auction and comes in commorative box with the cake wrapped in a paper doily

The royal wedding cake of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in 1986 is valued at £588 or $800. This piece of cake comes with a signed note with official royal seal.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker’s slice of wedding cake is valued at £588 or $800.

The most fresh piece of cake was from the royal wedding for Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011, valued at £588 or $800.

With the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, the one question on everyone’s mind is, “How much will a slice of their wedding cake cost?”

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