Stop Falling For The Bad Ones

Bella Breakdown

Men and women alike both can’t help but fall, at some point in their lives, for someone who is completely bad for them. The “bad boy” or “bad girl” type is almost like a right of passage as we move forward in our lives. Now, the bad person isn’t always wearing a leather jacket, smoking a cigarette, and making you play hookie from your responsibilities. The bad ones could be people who are non-committal, emotionally unavailable, abusive in any form, etc.

When we find ourselves in a relationship with one of the bad ones, we can’t help but justify their poor actions along with our own. You might kid yourself into thinking that you can help them change their ways, as if their bad behavior is something that can be altered. Sure, this could very well be the case, they might just be at a bad spot in their lives. However, if that is the situation, maybe you shouldn’t be getting into a relationship them. No one can be good in their relationship if their not good in their own lives.

It’s possible that at some point in your life you have been the bad girl or bad boy. Someone has completely damaged you, or you’ve procured some bad relationship habits and now you’ve brought them into the next relationship, and all of these things are causing chaos and hurt for the other person. Don’t be that person! It’s important we get right with ourselves before we get with other people. No one should want to be the bad guy!

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