Stuck In Breakup Limbo

Bella Breakdown

Okay so we all know about the on and off relationship. But what about being stuck in breakup limbo? It’s that thing where you are in a relationship that frankly isn’t going all that well, and you are mulling over whether or not you’re going to pull the plug on this relationship. A lot of times this limbo happens when you are living with someone.

This is usually because you feel as though you have too much to lose by leaving them. What if you have pets together, you’ve bought furniture, and all of this financial entanglement. Thus begins the breakup limbo.

If you have been as forward and have done all you can about expressing the issues in your relationship, and you have attempted to reconcile your problems, and things still aren’t working out it might be time to jump the relationship. If you have been waking up every day next to someone with the thought that you should probably breakup, it’s time to listen to your thoughts, and just do it.

Of course it will be painful, no breakup is easy. But you will not live your life unhappily, and you will not pretend to be happy with someone for the sake of convenience. Get out of limbo!

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