The Spa Lovers Holiday Gift Guide: Etsy Edition!

Bella Breakdown!

The holidays are upon us, and while some are filled with joy, others are filled with stress. The good news is the ladies of Whoabella have taken it upon ourselves to create the best gift guides for all kinds of people! This specific edition required hours of scouring the amazing website that is Etsy. If you aren’t familiar with the site, Etsy is an online store full of individuals creating super awesome products. While Etsy has tons of unique shops, we found that there is one specific genre that knocks it out of the park… SPA! It was hard narrowing it down to only five of our favorite but after lots of phone calls, and the hard work of sampling amazing products (sarcasm) here is our Etsy Gift Guide For Spa Lovers!

Fat And The Moon

Our “love at first site”(puns) Etsy shop. We are CONVINCED this brand has the coolest font of all time in all of the land, and also the coolest products. While these products are nice to look at and smell, each of them is also their own form of herbal healing! Rachel and her team of herbalists and naturalistic healers put their hearts and souls into these products, and it’s made obvious after you try them out.  We got to try out the Lip And Cheek Stain, Body Oil, Pimple Mud, and Shaving cream, and honestly, we can not choose our favorite!

The Crafty Dinosaur

Run by possibly the sweetest human on the planet, The Crafty Dinosaur is an Etsy shop centered on the worldwide craze that is bath bombs. In an array of shapes and colors, Kristin does an amazing job of making sure she has a bath bomb for anyone! My favorite part of  The Crafty Dinosaur is the unique combination of health care and relaxation that are the Sinus Shower Bombs. Clear your sinuses with a blast of icy mint while chilling out in the steam of your shower, plus there’s no residue! We received an amazing variety of Kristen’s favorite bath bombs along with a pack of the sinus steamers, let’s just say there was a bit of an argument deciding which of the Whoabella ladies got to keep them.

Tara Lee Naturals

Ah, facemasks. The internet craze that we just can’t seem to resist, while they’ve been around for a long time, they seem to just now be hitting an all-time rise in popularity, though some of us (like me) have sensitive skin that just can’t handle the ingredients that come along with most generic face masks. Lucky for us, Tara of Tara Lee Naturals perfected the all natural face mask that gives all the acne fighting power without including any of the harsh ingredients that come in most big name face masks advertised on social media! While Rose Clay was our particular favorite, we also had a great time trying out Charcoal, Sea Kelp, and Tumeric. Just add some water and BAM! You’ve got a great smelling facemask with no risk to that beautiful skin of yours!

Chris D’s Handmade

We know you’ve heard of bath bombs… and if you haven’t then you aren’t an active reader because we literally JUST mentioned them… but I digress… but have you heard of BUBBLE bath bombs? Christina of Chris D’s Handmade has molded the fun of an adult bubble bath with the relaxation and color of bath bombs! Her Royalty Line Bubble Bath Bombs explode in an array of bubbles and color, oh and did we mention the smell? Let me just say, there’s nothing that makes a gal feel alive quite like enjoying a glass of wine while soaking in a tub full of pink bubbles.

Megan’s Marvelous Medicinals

We’ve all got that one friend who SWEARS by the magic of essential oils and their diffusers, well we have the perfect gift for them! Megan of Megan’s Marvelous Medicinals lets the oil lover bring the diffuser with them with targetted roll-ons for all ailments. Whether you need a quick afternoon pick me up or a pill-free answer to that pesky headache, Megan has it all! Not sold on essential oils? Don’t worry, Megan has a large variety of relaxation items, from Heal All Salve to Face Wash, keep your soul feeling as beautiful as you look with these super cool products!

Leef Seed Berry

Staying organic this holiday season? Well, look no further than Leef Seed Berry! This Etsy shop’s products are not only all natural and organic, Jessica also takes great care in her packaging. These products will look GREAT in a holiday gift basket for your bestie, or maybe your friend who you want to BE your bestie, either way, what we are trying to say is that after your giftee receives one of these products they will have no choice but to be your best friend! The Mermaid Cream and Exfoliating Toner has officially become part of my nightly routine, leaving my smelling and feeling my best… and softest! Plus enjoy 15% off with the code WHOABELLA (:

Jewels Gifts

Last but certainly not least is Jewels Gifts, spa product shop based in California with by bar the brightest colored products out there! These amazing smells will make a great addition to anyone’s bathroom, or maybe even your own? I mean just because gift guides are typically to help buy gifts footherses doesn’t mean you cant treat yourself. Julie prides herself in her made to order style shop, guaranteeing everything you receive is as fresh as humanly possible! Our favorite products are her soaps! They smell as cool as they feel… which is super cool might we add. The jelly consistancy remains solid in a bar while also bending to pressure, making for a pleasant bathing experience!

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