This Isn’t Fake News, Cantonese Company Creates Trump Opera

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POTUS Donald Trump inspires Cantonese opera company to feature an all-singing, all-dancing opera in his honor called Trump on Show. As much as Trump would love to claim this is fake news, it’s about as real as it can get.

Cantonese opera actor Loong Koon-tin plays the POTUS, donning the odd hair and red tie in true Trump fashion. Koon-tin gives us a breakdown of this new opera and the inspiration driving the show.

Most of the show is in Cantonese with a little bit of singing in English, after all, it is a Cantonese opera. The new opera takes center stage in Hong Kong and Koon-tin takes his character study very serious for this role.

He says that during the show he emphasizes on hand gestures, which is what Trump is known for through his rallies and press conferences. Koon-tin goes onto say that hand gestures are indicative and similar to Cantonese opera in many ways. He says that the US President is very special and everything he does is different, saying he’s like an entertainer in some aspects.

Koon-tin says that he likes to watch his speeches and that people pay attention to Trump since he is a bold character. He goes onto say that Trump is influential regardless of what people think about him and he makes headlines every day, which this opera can be utilized to gain attention for their show.

Playwright, Li Kui-Ming, expresses his thoughts on Trump and the show saying that they’re complaining about Trump during the writing process. He said after Trump became the US president, we were exhausted and had to pay attention to US news every day. These reasons are why Kui-Ming are entitled to write a Cantonese opera based on Trump.

Kui-Ming says that from China’s viewpoint, surely doesn’t think he’s good because of his actions regarding the trade war with China. Loong plays former Chinese leader, Mao Zedong, in the Trump on Show. The new play follows the story of the US president and his fictional long-lost twin brother who grew up in China.

The basis for this plot was inspired by Obama’s half-brother in Shenzhen and decided to recreate this relationship with the current US President. Trump’s fictional brother experiences the Cultural Revolution in China and Kui-Ming used this plot to talk about China’s modern history.

The fictitious character later leaves China and reunites with his brother in the US. Kui-Ming explains that people still look down on this ancient art form and think it’s out of fashion, saying that basing the opera off the popular president is bringing more attention to the Cantonese opera.

Kui-Ming claims that more people are buying tickets to the show out of curiosity for Cantonese opera and says that the company could arrange a staging of the opera at the White House if Trump wants to see the show for himself. The goal of making this opera is to help Hong Kong’s Cantonese opera successfully enter a new age.

For more on the Trump-inspired Cantonese opera, check out the video above.

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