Watching Lindsay Lohan Recite “Mean Girls” Quotes Will Make Your Monday

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We get it, it’s Monday…and you’re dealing with a bad, though now rare, case of the Monday’s. But boy do we have a cure for that, in the form of Lindsay Lohan reciting your favorite lines from “Mean Girls.” If watching this video of her doesn’t make you laugh and really bring you back, we don’t know what will. Lohan channels her inner Cady Heron for this classic walk down memory lane. After all, this movie was like, so fetch. The 2004 flick cemented itself into pop culture history, probably because we have all met a Regina George or two in our day.

After the hit movie, Lindsay had plenty of struggles in her personal life that unfortunately were blasted in the media for all to see. From her family issues with her father and mother, to her scrapes with drugs and the law, Lohan has had a rollercoaster life since the movie came out. But, what is this infamous actress up to now?

The actress appears to be taking a turn for the better after recently teasing her new makeup and fashion line, “Haute Couture.” The 31-year-old is making her comeback, and it’s not just in the acting world, though she has a movie currently in the works. Lohan has been living in Dubai and has been teasing the new line on the “Wendy Williams Show,” and discussed the launch with many magazines. In a recent interview, Lohan describes what drew her to launch her own beauty and fashion line:

““I love lipstick, but I love using lipstick as blush. But if I have a cream blush, I want to be able to use it on my lips and not worry about breaking out after. So, I developed one.”

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