Why Are We So Obsessed With Pasta?

Bella Breakdown

Pasta can be the stuff of dreams. Seriously, if you’re a pasta lover, you have likely dreamt of swimming in all things spaghetti, linguini, rigatoni pasta. Why are we so obsessed with pasta? Well first of all, it’s one of the top five types of carbohydrates, next to bread. And consequently, you know what goes really great with pasta? That’s right, bread! Preferably garlic, slathered in butter and salt.

Pasta is so wonderful because you can do so much with it! Hello, Mac and Cheese is technically a pasta. People add all kinds of vegetables and sautéed meats into their pasta. And obviously the sauce. Oh the sauce, which can consist of anything including cream, tomatoes, more meat, wine, even vodka! Alcohol and carbs! No wonder people are so obsessed with pasta. Many people would argue that the greatest part of pasta is adding on cheese. Parmesan cheese is the gateway drug to the pasta world. Many servers are likely suffering from carpal tunnel because you’ve made them grate that fresh Parmesan for so long.

The best part about pasta is that fact that it is so easy to make yourself. Sure, it’s definitely a favorite at a restaurant. Food is always better when someone else cooks it. But, many people consider a go-to when making food at home, or trying to impress a date.

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