Your Kids’ Annoying Personality Traits Will Make Them Successful Adults

Bella Breakdown

All parents want to raise strong and confident children. There are certain traits that children possess that can foreshadow them being successful adults. And while this is all good and well, sometimes these traits can be difficult, and at time impossible, to parent. While it may be hard, try to nurture these behaviors even if you are on the brink of a mental breakdown.
They are opinionated and inflexible. This isn’t them always just trying to give you a hard time, they may just be trying to manifest their assertiveness.
They are extremely curious, about everything. Some children ask a million questions and when you give them the answer, they may ask another question. Don’t get frustrated with them. They are just gaining knowledge and trying to understand. It may not seem so, but they are absorbing everything you say. They are the biggest truth seekers.
They are risk takers. This includes the runner, the jumper, the climber, and the one that needs to touch everything around them. They are constantly trying to push boundaries, including yours. But remember, there is nothing wrong with wanting to try new things.
They daydream. It may be frustrating to give instructions to do a simple task five times. But it is not because they are incompetent, it is because they are in their own dreamy bubble. This is a trait of a creative thinker. Who knows, maybe they will invent something groundbreaking.
Won’t take no for an answer. Being relentless is good. Maybe not when it comes to eating their broccoli, but in the real world it can definitely help them. Going after your goals and not taking “no” for an answer is the key to success.
All of these personality traits are incredibly difficult to parent, but don’t forget the end goal here: a confident, strong, HAPPY kid.

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