Monitoring Your Kids On Social Media


Social media can seem harmless and that it’s regulated for an audience of all ages, but you would be shocked to discover the truth. Certain social media platforms can be used by kids to get around child lock and monitoring programs that are difficult to detect.

Most monitoring programs cover most apps including Safari and Chrome internet browsers but social media apps have individual browsers that allow kids to view mature content that would normally be blocked. Though Snapchat is rated for ages 12 and above, that doesn’t mean people won’t exploit their private browser and the app was built to erase any evidence of interactions.

In just a few taps on your screen, you can go from Snapchat’s main page to accessing mature material through their browser.

The way this is done is through someone navigating from the Snapchat home page through their stories that is linked to the premium page, showing links to other Snapchat accounts that can be seen through Snapchat’s personal browser. These links are unable to open through other browsers without being blocked by monitoring programs, allowing kids to navigate the internet without having the activity being blocked or logged.

Though we’ve grown accustomed to using technology to help us determine what content is safe for children, the only way to prevent this is to be active and vigilant on what content your child consumes. For more on this issue and updating stories, check out the video above.

Author: Leigha Grimes

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