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Dutch YouTuber and beauty guru Nikkie de Jager (better known for as Nikkie Tutorials) reveals the biggest secret on her YouTube channel with a video called “I’m Coming Out.” Nikkie Tutorials revealed that she is transgender.

Nikkie Tutorials started on YouTube in 2009 and reveals that she was transitioning during her first couple of years on YouTube. Nikkie is only 25-years-old and is now coming out in her own personal way on her YouTube channel to bare it all. She reveals that when her mother was pregnant with her, she thought she was going to have a girl but she gave birth to a son.

Little did her mother know that she was right all along. Nikkie goes onto explain that since she can remember she always had thoughts of why she was a boy and was very feminine naturally in her youth. Nikkie says that by the time she was 8 years old she was no longer wearing boys’ clothing and would wear girls’ clothes all the time.

Nikkie says that her mother and school teachers were understanding but would deal with some bullying from other young kids who didn’t understand. She goes onto say that she told close friends but didn’t publically admit it because she wanted to leave that chapter of her life in the past.

Nikkie didn’t want to deceive anyone and felt that she experienced going through the transition in the past and she wanted to leave it in the past. She says that she is now accepting and embracing her past so she can be open about who she is to everyone including her supporting fans.

Nikkie wanted to come out on her terms but says she had people wanting to blackmail her and leak her story to the press before she could choose the time to reveal her secret. The people who attempted to blackmail her claimed that she was lying to people and avoiding the truth because she’s scared, but she took their power by revealing everything herself.

Nikkie says that she started the full transition by the time she was 14 including taking hormones and medication to prevent her from growing any further since she is 6’2″ but should be even taller. By the time she was 19, she was fully transitioned in secret when she started to become successful on YouTube.

She also addresses her relationship with her newly-engaged fiance Dylan saying that he is a truly special guy and she’s never met anyone with a kinder heart. Nikkie explains that she didn’t tell Dylan initially when they started their relationship but she told him when she spent more time with him and knew she could trust him.

Nikkie says that she wishes she told him sooner and advises if anyone watching is in her situation that it’s best to tell the people you care about upfront. Throughout the video, she says how liberating it is to finally come out and tell the truth about her past, that she no longer has to hide who she is.

She ends the video saying that she didn’t want to hide her trans story but rather focus on making her channel into a beauty blog, not having the audience focus on her transition. Nikkie also chose a beautiful Dutch word of the day (keeping true to her tradition for all her videos) with Vrouw, which is Dutch for woman.

Nikkie wants to show her true self and wants to serve as an example that no matter what she is that same Nikkie we’ve come to love and her coming out will not change how we see her.

Author: Karli Wallace

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