Benefits And Disadvantages Of Raising A Family In The City

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The baby boomer generation moved to the suburbs in masses in order to raise their children. They sought safety, comfort, space and good school systems. Many of their kids grew up in cold-e-sacs, riding their bikes in the street or playing hide-and-seek from one neighbor’s lawn to the next.

Now, their children (the millennials) are flocking to the city, swearing to themselves that they will never move back to dreary, boring suburban life. But what of their future kids? Will millennials eventually decide that their children are better off growing up in similar environments to the ones they grew up in, or will they stick it out in the city? Check out the benefits and disadvantages to raising your kids in the city, below:


Growing up in the city is a cultural experience. Children who live in cities experience diversity, newness, and variety on a daily basis. They eat foods from all over the world, go to school with kids from other cultures, and get to see art, music, and shows that kids in the suburbs cannot experience regularly. On top of that, city kids often become more independent and self sufficient. They learn how to use public transport, how to stay safe, and how to have street smarts.


Growing up in the city automatically means that a kid will grow up with less open and green space around them. They will most likely live in an apartment without a backyard and they will not get to experience the natural world as much as a kid from the suburbs. A kid in the city is also more likely to be exposed to unsafe situations, where they could get into trouble or get hurt. Cities are often more dangerous and more enclosing than the suburbs.

When you are raising a child, it is important to ask yourself what values are important to you. Do you want your kid to experience diversity? Or is their exposure to nature more important to you?

Just remember that no matter which one you choose, there are always ways for kids to get exposure to both the benefits and disadvantages of city and suburban life. In the end, it’s really about how you raise them and what you reveal to them.

Author: Brooke Alburn

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