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Designing and decorating a nursery is a perfect blend of functionality and playfulness. The first thing you want to decide is whether it will be gender-neutral, minimalistic or maximalist, and then pick trendy wallpapers or paint and color scheme. The room should look clean, neat, and modest, until you add some personal touches, which, in this case, are adorable!

Before you go shopping, create a mood board. It will help you relax and feel even more connected to the baby. Buying the furniture first will allow you to visualize your nursery better. Apart from the crib, the first things on your shopping list are changing table and a rocker.

The next step is choosing the focal point. Every good design needs a focal point – a specific section or object of interest that serves as both the subject and support of your design. It could be a wall facing the crib, or a window with unusual ornaments. A wallpapered accent wall can be a charming and practical solution. For painting, use a good-quality, VOC-free paint, and let the room air out for as long as possible. Clean it from top to bottom and continue choosing necessary items. For example, a well-lit room is a must, so choose a chandelier, as well as additional lamps.

Area rugs are a powerful design element and often prove a practical choice, even if your nursery has full carpeting. Instead of trying to fill the room with toys, try to be as functional as possible. Make sure everything you need is within easy reach of the changing table. Before choosing the bedding and ornaments, accessories, remember to baby proof every inch and find ways to avoid clutter. This simply means spending money on additional storage, because you can never have enough of the space.

Nurseries are not cheap. You’ll be faced with some pricey decisions, from choosing the less harmful paint or wallpapers to picking the right fabrics for the beddings. The only thing that really matters is the baby’s safety, so let that be your top priority. If your family members have extra furniture, use it, paint it, and pass it on.

Author: Milica Jarić

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