Freeform Kicks Off Christmas With Feel Good Movies

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If you’re anything like me, you may get some heat for skipping over Thanksgiving in Christmas-overload excitement. To be fair, Thanksgiving is still given its due diligence in my household—the month of October is dedicated to all things fall and Halloween, November 1st-27th we begin celebrating Christmas, November 28th is for Thanksgiving, the 29th is for Black Friday, and the 30th through to New Years is all about Christmas. Fair, right?

Already having the holidays on your mind is not a bad thing, though if you want to indulge in private as to avoid hateful internet comments or neighborhood gossip for already having lights on your roof, I won’t judge. Whether you’re already buying presents for friends and family, secretly baking dozens of cookies every night, or decorating the inside of your house, Freeform already has some winter classic movies to keep you company while getting in the holiday spirit.

Though the actual Christmas classics won’t begin playing until late November, starting November 1st Freeform launched their “Kickoff to Christmas Schedule” to get you feeling merry and bright. Featuring Disney classics and feel-good-flicks, the schedule is sure to be the perfect pre-cursor into Frosty and Rudolph. Decorate the tree while singing along to Frozen or binge all of the holiday specials in The Simpsons. And at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving, officially put on your Santa Hat with Home Alone.

See the full list here.

Author: B.J. Mims

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