Going To Restaurants With The Kids

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So you have found yourself being the parents of one, maybe two, even three children. Does this mean that you have to hole up in your house making Mac & Cheese every night? Or, are you entitled to a night out at a restaurant without the judgment of your fellow patrons? Of course you’re entitled!

But, we understand your hesitation. Kids, especially small children, are definitely prone to public, restaurant meltdowns. This of course warrants the mean stares from other diners, and not so genuine sympathy from your server. So, how can you prep your kids and be on top of their behavior while eating out at a restaurant?

1. Talk To Your Kids
Before you walk into the restaurant, talk to your kids about having good restaurant behavior. Even if they’re young, put it in the simplest of terms. Talk calmly and happily, remember they smell fear.

2. Snacks
Kids are kind of terrors when they’re hungry. Ask your server if they have any crackers or fruit they can bring the kids to stave off any hunger induced tantrums.

3. Entertainment
Bringing toys, books, and things to color with is always a best way to distract your child and keep them occupied until their food comes. Always save any screens as your last resort. This is your clutch distraction tool, and needs to be saved right before any big, boredom driven tantrums.

Author: Haley DePass

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