Here Are The Most Instagrammable Starbucks Locations, You’re Welcome

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It’s 2019 and the trend of being a social media influencer continues to rise. So, finding places that are Instagram-approved is very important. If you’re looking to amp up your Instagram program, but the only luxury you can afford is a venti coffee from Starbucks, here are the most beautiful Starbucks that are totally Instagram-worthy.

Medellín, Colombia:

What makes the Colombian location is great is because they use local coffee bean farmers to keep them well stocked. So not only can customers enjoy the sweet, nutty and chocolaty taste of homegrown coffee beans, but also the murals aligning the walls are painted by Colombian artists. The furniture is designed and manufactured by a local firm. There’s even a living green wall to remind you of how fresh the beans are.

Paris, France:

Known for its elegance, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to no one that Paris has one of the most beautiful Starbucks locations. Starbucks went all out with the French exquisiteness and grandeur when they fully restored 19th-century murals and motifs in a converted 17th-century courtyard. Everything has to be true to its heritage, yet classy enough to fit the French.

It almost feels like you have walked into the Palace of Versailles, except that aroma of coffee permeates the room furnished with bespoke tables and chairs. Not forgetting the chandeliers and the dark panels that work together to create a dim and cozy ambiance, ideal for a casual yet romantic date.

Author: B.J. Mims

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