Netflix Will Premiere Princess Diana Musical Before Broadway Debut

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One of the beloved late members of the royal family, Princess Diana, will be celebrated in a musical entitled ‘Diana.’ Though the musical was set to debut on Broadway, it seems that ‘Diana’ will be premiered on Netflix first.

The musical was set to debut on Broadway back in March, during the initial phases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that caused nearly all major events to be canceled. The COVID-19 pandemic has more people staying home and driving the demand for more entertainment media, especially from the streaming giant Netflix.

More entertainment events are considering digital options to bring entertainment to the people staying home in response to COVID-19. All Broadway productions have been canceled for 2020 and more musicals have considered streaming options including the hit show about the founding father, ‘Hamilton.’

‘Hamilton’ was set to be adapted into a film but COVID-19 halted nearly all filming productions around the world leading to an early release on the streaming platform Disney+. The theatrical film version was originally set for October of this year but they decided to use footage from three ‘Hamilton’ live Broadway performances to create an in-theatre experience just in time to celebrate Independence Day.

‘Diana’ is slated for the Broadway opening night on May 21, 2021 and Netflix is planning on having the cast perform the show in an empty theatre for filming. The filmed version of ‘Diana’ is set to premiere on Netflix shortly before the Broadway premiere.

The production team will be following health and safety guidelines including regular COVID-19 testing, ensuring efficient ventilation through the theatre, and isolating performers.

‘Diana’ will focus on the journey of the princess right before she marries Prince Charles and the development of her popular royal status being the “princess of the people.” The musical leads to the public breakdown of her marriage.

Author: Karli Wallace

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