Reasons To Go Vegetarian

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It can be hard for meat lovers of the world to understand why someone would ever go vegetarian. Bacon is just too good! Besides the taste, many people get their main source of protein from meat. But for a lot of people, the reasons for going vegetarian trump certain meaty flavors and health benefits.

The most common reason for going vegetarian is maltreatment of animals. Many people cannot handle the abuse and suffering that occurs in huge animal factories, so they choose not to support that industry.

For others, going vegetarian is an amazing way to support the environment. The meat industry, from raising, slaughtering, packaging, all the way to transporting, is a huge detriment to the environment. Why? Because of all of the water and fossil fuels that are used in the process.

Still others choose to be vegetarian for the health benefits. Although meat lovers argue that the vegetarian diet lacks protein, if a vegetarian is conscious about what they consume they can get plenty of protein, plus a plethora of other vitamins, good carbs, good sugars, and good fats.

Being a vegetarian isn’t for everybody. However, there are many benefits to going vegetarian that everyone should consider. For this reason, it can be a good idea to go vegetarian for one day a week, or one meal a day. Try it out and see how your body and conscience feel afterward.

Author: Kaitlyn Kinshella

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