Seth Rogan Plays Two Leading Roles In New Movie “An American Pickle”

(Photo; Hopper Stone/Warner Bros)

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Seth Rogan is taking on the acting role of a lifetime, playing both lead roles in the new HBO Max original “An American Pickle.” This funny tale follows the story of a Jewish immigrant, Herschel Greenbaum, who falls into a vat of pickles on the closing day of the New York factory in 1920 and is discovered perfectly preserved in 2020.

Herschel’s body was perfectly preserved thanks to the pickle brine and is the same age as the day he fell into the vat of pickles in perfect health. Herschel discovers his remaining family member, his great-grandson Ben Greenbaum (also played by Seth Rogan).

With Ben’s help, Herschel explores the new world after his 100-year hibernation and venture into becoming a successful pickle entrepreneur. Ben is a computer programmer that is working on selling an app he’s developed over five years called Boop Bop that determines which products are ethically sourced.

After getting into some trouble with Herschel, Ben has complications selling his app and blames Herschel. After their fight, Herschel decided to get into the business venture of creating all-natural pickles.

Ben decides to sabotage Herschel’s business in retaliation but Herschel overcomes nearly every obstacle until his traditional ways of thinking catch up to him. As I don’t want to spoil every detail of this new HBO Max original but the ending is too good to miss.

Rogan joins the special league of comedians that play two leading characters including Eddie Murphy in “The Nutty Professor” and Mike Myers in “Austin Powers.” Rogan plays two opposite characters that learn from each other with the imposing and gruff Herschel compared to the withdrawn and sarcastic Ben.

Author: Karli Wallace

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